When it is expected to get a damaged car even after you have got it serviced already?

When it is expected to get a damaged car even after you have got it serviced already?

A damaged car is surely a hassle and definitely a trouble for the one who owns it. In Australia, the mechanic job costs a bit more if you get your car damaged on the road. But you may also know that if you hire a mechanic who is not skilled or have no knowledge regarding the issue your car has then it may cost higher than that.

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Though when you get your car serviced you may get your car battery, timing belt and power steering checked thoroughly. But in case if you have hired an inexperienced mechanic these things may be ignored and in turn your car gets into further issues later on even after getting serviced.

You can expect to get a damaged car even if you have cared for it a lot could be:

When you get your car is serviced by a low quality service provider and you have no idea if the problems still persist. This may lead to further issues and the parts that are damaged may get worse and damaged more than before.

Further if you don't get your car serviced properly and only get to check a few things up, some of the issues may not be visible and if there are no indications, they may get damaged later on and you will get into further issues.

A damaged car is possible if your mechanic has not fixed it properly or has left a damaged part inside that may lead to further issues and damaging of the car.

In case if you are looking for a damage free car you may need to get a better mechanic for your car servicing.

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