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3 Camping Options For Holidaymakers

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The recent heat wave has done wonders for the UK in many ways. Not only has it helped to stimulate the economy and rejuvenate the spirits of the British public but it has only put a bit of faith back into the good old British holiday. Temperatures in recent weeks have been as high as, if not higher than, those in some of the hottest parts of the world and this has made people rethink their holiday strategy. With weather like this here why do you need to break the bank to spend the summer in a faraway country?

So provided that the rest of the summer isn’t a complete washout (which, let’s face it, it could be) there are plenty of ways in which you can enjoy a relaxing break on British shores. Here a three different types of camping holiday that you could consider.

Caravan Cravings

Whether you like to talk up your tourer or you’re a supporter of the static; caravans are back with a vengeance. Since suffering a decline in the late 90s and earlier 2000s caravan holidays are now on the up and it seems people all over the country are happy to roll back the years and spend their holiday in natures arms. Camp sites everywhere are reporting increased occupancy as it seems that British people have fallen back in love with their beloved mobile home.

But don’t for one minute think that choosing a caravanning holiday will mean you will have to revisit the days of living inside each other’s pockets and doing away with anything you might actually rely on to live a normal life. Caravans have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century and a lot of them now boast all the mod cons you could ask for and enough room to swing several large cats.

Tent For Two?

tentPerhaps you would rather forego the upgraded box on wheels and just opt for a tent below the stars? The thriving festival scene has opened up a whole new generation’s eyes to the idea of sleeping under a canvass in the middle of a field. And there doesn’t even need to be a portaloo or a pretentious indie band in sight.

Although this kind of holiday may be the most basic of the three in terms of facilities and lodgings it can also provide you with the most rewarding and bonding experience. For anyone wanting to enjoy the Great British countryside on a budget there is no better way than this. All you need is your tent, some high spirits and an eagerness to all pull together and make it a worthwhile trip.


If you have heard this term before but you’re not actually quite sure what it means then let me be the first to enlighten you to the world of glamorous camping. This may sound like a recent trend and for most people it is but it can actually be traced back to the early 1900s and the origin of the safari. When wealthy tourists travelled to remote parts of the world to see the animals in their natural habitat they were not keen to slum it with the locals. Therefore luxury accommodation was created in the form of canvassed cabins that were clad with high end furnishings and complete with their own chef and maid.

Nowadays places all over the world offer a modern version of glamping by allowing holiday makers to enjoy the great outdoors without having to deal with all the downsides of…the great outdoors. There are camp sites totally dedicated to this form of accommodation and you can stay in many different styles of lodging from luxury yurts to posh pods and from quaint cabins and tented suites. So if you’re not ready just yet to dive into a UK camping holiday then why not ease yourself in with glamping first?

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