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One of the most important parts of planning any holiday or trip abroad is deciding on accommodation, whether your choice is hotels, cottages, resort complexes or villas. Your accommodation will provide the base for your entire trip and ideally wants to feel like a true home from home. There are many different criteria to consider when deciding on accommodation, some being universally applicable, while others are dependent on the type of destination or type of holiday. For instance, a city break would most ideally be served by a hotel in the centre of your chosen city while a relaxing rural escape would require a comfortable cottage or villa. Other factors, such as price and the size of your group need to be considered also.

Firstly, one of the major types of accommodation available on a huge range of holidays is hotels. Found everywhere from the centres of capital cities to small rural towns, from bustling seaside resorts to ski destinations nestled high in the mountains. Choosing a hotel can be a tricky affair - although star ratings (usually ranging from one to five) give some indication, the rating system differs between countries and some hotels have been known to award themselves ratings without any official confirmation. On the whole though, the higher the star rating, the better the hotel. Other key things to look out for are previous guest reviews as they can give a genuine insight into crucial aspects of the hotel, such as cleanliness, staff quality and the availability of local amenities.

Other accommodation found more commonly in urban locations are hostels and apartments. The former are a cheaper option than hotels and are usually able to achieve these lower prices by offering larger rooms which are shared between multiple, various guests. This means hostels allow for a small budget but you may well be sharing your room and facilities with strangers. This is, however, a great way to meet new people on your travels. Apartments are far more exclusive, offering you your own room as well as facilities such as a kitchenette and a bathroom, a fact that is often reflected in the higher price. With both of these, a good central location should be a primary consideration.

Outside of cities, perhaps the best choice of accommodation is either a cottage (in cooler countries) or a villa (for areas with warmer climes). Both have many criteria to be considered, but, as they are intended as self-contained residential units, the facilities within are of great importance. For instance, these properties are often self-catering so a decent provision of kitchen appliances and utensils is one thing to look out for. Both of these options may come with additional extras, such as a cottage with a garden or a private villa with pool, which are great if your budget extends to it. Overall, finding top accommodation can seem a daunting task but in fact there are several key tips to bear in mind to ensure that you get great quality, value for money and an all-round enjoyable place to spend your holiday.

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