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Gloriously evocative Cornwall cottage holiday smells!

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Smells are powerful stuff. Even though our sense of smell is nowhere near as acute as a cat's or dog's, a fleeting scent from your past can whisk you away to a different time and place so vividly it takes your breath away. The piny, rich, warm scent of creosote on a sun-warmed seaside fence. The tantalising scent of barbecued sausages on a salty sea breeze. The strong, fishy, evocative smells of a hard-working Cornish harbour.

Dog friendly holidays add their own special whiffs. The happy smell of your furry friend's coat after he's been in and out of the sea all day, grinning in the way only a contented dog can. Chasing imaginary rabbits and enjoying thrillingly close encounters with lovely heaps of fresh sheep dung and fox poo, bless him. Or splashing about in fresh water in classic doggy cottage with pool contentment.

You'll remember the scent of your children's soft, sun warmed skin, coming clean of grit and salt in a luxurious bath or shower, one of the best features of self catering holiday cottages these days. Use a shampoo, soap and conditioner you don't use at home and whenever you smell it in the future, it'll take you back to one of the best summers ever.

You're sitting outside a seafront restaurant on the terrace as the sun goes down, ice cold drink in hand, catching the gentle babble of conversation from inside on the gentle evening wind. Delicious smells waft by... smells you'll always remember in association with a romantic evening that changed your life forever.

Or there's the beach, where the citrus tang and coconut softness of sun tan lotion carry your way, adding an exotic feel to an already exotic picture-postcard vista of blinding white sand, craggy rocks and perfect azure seas.

In Cornwall's clubs there's the exciting fug of hot people having a great time, brown and confident, dressed to the nines or casually attired in enormously cool surf wear. And there's the mouthwatering whiff of fish and chips in the pretty, traditional centres of numerous delightful fishing villages and sleepy tourist hotspot towns.

All smells to remember, all bringing back wonderful memories. So treasure those Cornwall smells as much as your photos and they'll bring back your break - in blinding mental Technicolour - 'til you shuffle off this mortal coil, happy and fulfilled!

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